Monday, October 29, 2007

Special Jury Prize

Last night “America the Beautiful,” won the Special Jury Prize for Best Representation of the UN Declaration for the Rights of a Child at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. This prize went to the film that celebrates the empowerment, encouragement, and respectful treatment of children everywhere, for all time. The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival is the largest Children’s Film Festival in North America playing over 200 films from 40 countries.

This award was special, because hopefully it will send a message to the children of the world, that we’re trying to tackle the issues, that ultimately will make it a better place for them to live.

1,000 children attended our screening. This was the largest audience of any film in the festival.

Next up for “America the Beautiful:

Opening night film at the Artivists Film Festival ( in Los Angeles.

The tickets for the Green-Carpet arrivals and screening are only $20. Our screening is Thursday November 8th at 8pm at the Egyptian Hollywood Theater. This is a socially conscience film festival that is billing our Opening Night Screening as a Green-Carpet Premiere. So join us at the L.A. Premiere of “America the Beautiful,” or if you don’t live in Los Angeles feel free to pass this information on to someone that does.

To get tickets:

Monday, October 15, 2007

"America the Beautiful," wins Special Jury Prize - Best Director at the 43rd Annual Chicago International Film Festival

Last night, Sunday October 13th, "America the Beautiful," won a Special Jury Prize for Best Direction at the 43rd Annual Chicago International Film Festival. The festival featured 160 films from 44 countries this year.

Also of note, "America the Beautiful," was selected to be the opening night film at the 4th Annual Artivists Film Festival in Los Angeles in November. (

Since its inception in 2004, the Artivist Film Festival has showcased 223 films representing more than
45 countries.

Last year's Artivist Film Festival was pleased to announce that its Film Program not only ranged widely
in activist topics, but also featured such noted activist-artists as Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon,
Martin Sheen, Viggo Mortensen, Elton John, Morgan Spurlock, Brett Ratner, Andy Garcia,
and others. Films premiered at the festival have included Academy Award winner "Born Into Brothels",
Academy Award Nominees "Super-Size Me", "God Sleeps in Rwanda, and the Los Angeles Premieres
of "Fast Food Nation", "Emanuelle's Gift", and "Trudell".

Join us at the Artivists Film Festival opening night on Thursday, November 8th at 8pm, if you're in Los Angeles. You can get tickets from their website. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Darryl Roberts