Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chicago Release is now May 9th

"America the Beautiful," was supposed to be released in Chicago on May 9th, but the Landmark Theater chain asked the distributor to push the date back 2 weeks so they can help us promote it. So the new date is Friday May 9th. I need all of you to help spread the word. Email everyone you know the link to our website so they can see the trailer. Everyone that has seen it before spread the word of how funny the doc is. I studied comedy at second City and I wanted to give everyone a laugh, while we cried about how sad the situation really is with the fashion industry and advertisers.

We're opening May 9th with an exclusive engagement at the Landmark Century Theater - 2828 North Clark Street in Chicago. If we get a great turnout opening weekend (May 9th-11th), then we'll add several more theaters in Chicago on Friday May 23rd. So as you can see, the film's success is in your hands.

And by the way, we an R rating for the film. Basically there was one line that Eve Ensler, of the "Vagina Monologues," said that was so empowering to women, I just had to leave it in. It got us an R though. But I ask that all parents to come out to see the film, then you'll see that it's safe to bring your teenagers and spread the word to other parents, that the film is okay for teenagers.