Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oprah Winfrey Library - Tyra Banks - Houston, TX this Friday!

This Friday we're at the Angelika Theatre in Houston, TX. If you know anyone in Houston, TX forward this email to them. I'm planning to be at the theatre on Friday and Saturday after the 7pm show to do a Q&A.

Friday November 14th
Angelika Theatre
510 Texas Street
Houston, Texas 77002

Click here and select Friday or Saturday to buy tickets:
Houston Angelika Tickets

Also the tickets are on sale for the Chicago Special Screening and Reception. (Below) It's my birthday and we're going to celebrate with special guests. This where it all started for the film. We opened May 9th in Chicago and after our 6 week run, it was off to the races. So we're coming back for a 1 night encore on December 9th.




I got an email 2 days ago from the librarian at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School in South Africa. She said she'd like to include "America the Beautiful," in the library so the girls, ages middle school to high school, could watch it.

Imagine being able to contribute in any way to the great legacy that Oprah has built with her school.

I didn't blink. I emailed her back and said - Absolutely!

Guess what the name of the library is? The Sydney Poitier Library. Again. Another honor.

I must say, this little film is taking me places and doing things that I could have only dreamed of 5 years ago when I started.


Last Sunday, we screened the film on Bainbridge Island, which is a 30 minute ferry ride from Seattle.

I may fear planes, but hey, I'm game for a ferry ride.

Beautiful view from the ferry.

The organization, Our Beauty Within, founded by Michele Doyle, sponsored the screening.

Founder Michele Doyle

They help girls from 8-12 years old with self-esteem issues. I didn't know what to expect from a screening on a small Island, but tons of people came out.

Women talk outside the theatre before the show starts.

It seems to be a running theme with the film now. Tons of mothers bring their young daughters to see the film.

Even a 7 year old came.

The father came along with this family.

This lady came all the way from Vancouver, Canada with her brother to see the film. Impressive!

I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the people that attended.

Rosanne sold her books in the lobby and donated a portion of the proceeds to Our Beauty Within.

Our Beauty Within had a packed house.

In the lobby of the theatre, they showcased a book where women and girls wrote about the things that they wish they'd known when they were suffering from a low self-esteem.

This was an awesome affair. And I got a chance to meet Michele Doyle's daughter. She helped her mom run the entire event. Very sweet girl and she's one of my "Beautiful Persons," this week.


This is Aubrey, 13 years old. In her own words, this is what makes her beautiful -

What makes me beautiful is that I don't try to be beautiful. I take on the things that life gives to me.

I dance, sing, play music, ride horses, draw, paint, ride unicycles, juggle, photograpg and take care of animals for fun.

The world would be a better place if people treated each other the way they deserve to be, instead of how they think they should be treated.

My friends, Diana, Shellby and rebecca are all unique and different and have their own special qualities. We all have our own similarities, yet none of us are the same.

I'm willing to befriend people who are kind and don't care to speak with those who aren't.

Finally, I would like to be treated based on my actions instead of my body.

On the ferry ride back to Seattle from Bainbridge Island, the fabulous author played the harmonica for me. She rocked!


Remember 3 weeks ago, I told you that I found this awesome fish place in Atlanta. Well I couldn't get it off of my mind, so I booked my connecting flight from Seattle to Buffalo, NY through Atlanta. The problem was that the plane landed at 7:46am and the connecting flight to Buffalo left at 8:30am.

Since the fish place didn't open until 11am, I had a choicve to make. The choice was to get on the connecting flight at 8:30am or blow it off and go to the fish place when they opened and explain to the airline why I missed the flight upon my return.

As my mom used to say when I was a little boy, I'm not wrapped too tight, so I went to the fish place. I called a guy that I know Victor and he picked me up from the airport. Since we had a couple of hours before the fish place opened, Victor gave me the nickel tour of Atlanta.

Finally 11am hit and I bought a bag full of fish and Vic dropped me back at the airport. Sure enough, the gate agent asked why I missed the connecting flight. This is where things can get tricky, if the answer isn't good enough, they'll make you buy a new one way ticket to wherever you're going.

I decided if that was going to happen to me, then I'm going down in flames. I told her, I just had to go to this fish place. The fish was just too good for me to get on that connecting flight. The fish is so good that it makes me see double.

She looked at me like I was nuts and said, "I think you have a problem." She started to type on her computer and I said, "Wait. Before you ruin me at least taste the fish."

Believe it or not, she tasted the fish and gave me my boarding pass. Chalk up one for the home team on that one!


The screening in Buffalo was sponsored by the North Tonawanda YWCA and the Western NY YWCA.

The YWCA celebrates their 150th year this year. They are the oldest women's organization out here fighting for women's rights.

I was nervous about this screening. First of all Joelle Logue, of the YWCA, called me last week and told me they hadn't sold any tickets. She was panicking. I was going to tell her that's the nature of being a promoter. Every blue moon you lose your shirt. Something told me she wouldn't have appreciated the wisdom in that statement, so I decided to be reassuring.

On top of it all, the theatre manager was panicking because he didn't have the film yet. He called and called and called. I told her to tell him that I'd done this 50 times and it takes 5 minutes to set it up. He still called and called and called.

I'm like, geez, all of this stress. I could be somewhere playing card games on Yahoo Games.

One thing that I did notice when I got to Buffalo, was all of the newspaper interviews that I'd done over the phone the week before were all front page stories. It was impressive as heck.

The morning of the screening, Joelle picked me up and took me to the TV station. I did an interview with the executive director of the YWCA on "AM Buffalo," which runs on the ABC affiliate in Buffalo.

In the car, Joelle kept saying she was nervous. I thought she was going to have a medical condition if no one showed up. I told her, as of late, when I do press in a city, we've been getting really big crowds. To give her some perspective, I told her about the time I did a Q&A for 4 people in a theatre. It was one of the best Q&A's that I've done. very intimate. This seemed to calm her down some.

She offered to take me to Niagara Falls. I said "sure." Anything to get her mind off the screening.

Well Niagara Falls was awesome.

She asked me to take a picture wearing a Buffalo Bills hat. I learned years ago that you don't insult people's football teams, so I sucked it up.

It was cold as heck. And I didn't want to tell Joelle how afraid of heights I was. She wanted me to stand right next to that railing. Once again, I sucked it up.

You know what happened during our trip around Buffalo? I really started liking Joelle. I'm like, she's awesome. She told me all about her husband and some great work that she was doing. More about that later.

Well in a nutshell, all of her worrying was for nothing. So many people showed up to the screening, it was actually unbelievable. Our second largest crowd from a organization sponsored screening.

Tons of people.

And once again, tons and tons of mothers and daughters. The film is really catching on with teenage girls.

Lots of other people came also -

Another father -

One of the women from the YWCA

The gang!


I met a girl that was really excited to see the film. She asked me if I knew Tyra Banks.

"Nope." "Sure don't."

She says, you don't know about "So what."

I said, "never heard of it."

She says "Oh my God." Tyra is so awesome." She came up with the "So What," campaign.

Because she was dying to tell me, I asked "what is that?"

It's where Tyra says "So what," to body dissatisfaction. Tyra has flabby arms, but she says, "So what." Anything that society says is not perfect about her physically, she says "so what."

I ponder it for a moment. Hmmmm. "I see. Interesting. I like that!"

"So me and my friends have started our own "So what," movement. Dedicated to Tyra. We all have flaws and things that we've been ashamed of, but -

I beat her to the punchline and say "So what."

She says, "you got it." "We are so much more than what our bodies look like."

I say "absolutely."

She said you have to get me on Tyra's show. It's my dream in life. I took her email address and told her that I'd give it a try. I'm a sucker for a hard luck story.

She then says - show Tyra this. This is my "So What," movement.

Yowza! She's not joking about this "So what," stuff.

Alright Tyra. I'm going to hunt you down in the name of "So what."


If you know my style, then you already know who the second "Beautiful Person," of the week is. You're correct. It's Joelle Logue of the YWCA. What a beautiful, awesome woman.

Instead of Joelle telling me why she's beautiful, I'm going to tell you why I think she's beautiful.

First of all she's one of the kindest, caring and most thoughtful women I've met in a long time.

On top of that, Joelle's the co-chair of the World Relations Council of the YWCA, USA. She went to Nairobi to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

She then told me that the United States was the biggest perpetrator of violence against women for an industrialized country. They were on the list with Iran and Burundi. They signed the UN Agreement but didn't ratify it.

So Joelle is on the delegation to get CEDAW ratified and make sure that all countries adhere to it. Wow! What important work.

We love you Joelle!


If you know anyone in any of these cities where the film is opening, feel free to spread the word and encourage them to come out and support the film. I have an army of organizations across the country that have signed on to be a part of my marketing team to help promote the film.

Like I've stated previously, the film will be in cities across the country until March 30th, then we'll get ready for the long awaited DVD release.

We have 41 universities pending. Will update soon.

Houston, TX - Opens November 14th

Angelika Theatre
510 Texas Ave.
Houston, TX 77002
I plan to be present for a Q&A for the 7pm and 9pm shows
on Friday November 14th and Saturday November 15th

Buy tickets here:
Houston Screening
Minneapolis, MN - November 19th and 20th

Emily Program Sponsored
Landmark Lagoon Cinema
1320 Lagoon Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
7pm & 9:30pm show each night
I will do a Q&A after each show

Purchase tickets by clicking here and selecting the date:
Purchase Tickets - Minneapolis
Milwaukee, WI - November 25th and 26th

Times Cinema
5906 W. Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI
7pm show each night
I'll do a Q&A after each show

Purchase tickets by clicking here and selecting the date:
Purchase Tickets - Milwaukee
Honolulu, HI - Opens November 28th

Doris Duke Theatre
(Inside the Honolulu Academy of the Arts)
900 South Beretania
Honolulu, HI 96814

Philadelphia, PA - December 3rd - 1 NIGHT ONLY!

Landmark Ritz 5
214 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
7pm show
I will do a Q&A after the 7pm show on the 3rd

Purchase tickets by clicking here and selecting the date:
Purchase Tickets - Philadelphia

Corning, NY - December 4th

Ophelia Place Sponsor

Corning, NY - December 5th

Chicago, IL - December 9th - 1 Night Only!

My 1st Annual "Thank You Chicago - America the Beautiful" Screening/Reception & Birthday Bash. GOING TO BE LOTS OF FUN!

Music Box Theatre
3733 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613

Screening Only $12 - get ticket here:
Chicago Screening Only

Screening/Reception Package - $15 (only 300 of these)
Screening / Reception Package

Boston, MA - January 22nd (pending)
Northeastern University
Nashville, TN - January 28th and 29th (Pending)


St. Louis, Missouri - February 2nd and 3rd (Pending)
Butler University - February 4th

East Lansing, Michigan - February 10th

Michigan State University
Binghamton, NY - February 12th

Binghamton University
Colgate University - February 16th
San Jose, CA - February 17th (Pending)

Reno, NV - February 20th
Towson, MD - February 22nd

Ames, Iowa - February 23rd

Iowa State University

Memphis, TN - February 24th

Tucson, AZ - February 25th

University of Tucson
Dallas, TX - February 26th and 27th

OHIO - February 28th


Corpus Christie, TX - March 18th (Pending)
Charlotte, NC - March 28th

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Have a great, wonderful and fantastic day,
Darryl Roberts