A note from Carolyn Costin, psychotherapist, author and chief clinical officer of Monte Nido & Affiliates Treatment Centers on why she supports Darryl Roberts' groundbreaking work:


"All of the America The Beautiful films explore how our culture objectifies females and undermines their self esteem, leading to a myriad of psychological and social consequences. From his first film exploring our culture's obsession with beauty, to his second focused on our relentless pursuit of thinness, and now his third about our fixation with sex, Darryl exposes how our cultural obsessions take an insidious toll on our health and well being.


My life’s work has focused on how to help change the conversation about, and our relationship to, our bodies, in order to help people feel empowered rather than objectified or victimized by a culture that promotes body shaming. The entire ATB trilogy is a wake up call urging us to speak out and begin to make changes in the things we have come to accept as unchangeable. There are many things we can do, and the young female heroine in "America the Beautiful 3" is evidence that we can turn adversity into activism.


Monte Nido Treatment Center

The sexualization of our youth


America the Beautiful is a three-part documentary series by acclaimed director Darryl Roberts that keenly explores our country’s obsession with beauty, thinness, and the increasing sexualization of our youth.



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